To ensure your problems get fixed quickly and efficiently here are a few helpful tips on using the Via Wire help desk system.

Before you report a problem:

  • Check if anyone else has had the same problem, have they already reported it?
  • If it's a problem with your Computer, check that you have it in the last 8 hours.

You can then report a problem:

  • Online by logging in at
  • If your internet isn’t working, then by phone to 01702 668730

Each issue should have a separate enquiry so, if you are using the online system, please create a new ticket for each new issue. This means that each one can be closed when the issue is resolved.

Tickets submitted through the web portal will have the ability to be prioritised by you.

You DON’T need to:

  • Email us with the same details
  • Ring to report the same issue if you’ve already created a ticker and received confirmation that the ticket has been logged.

Managing your tickets

When a ticket is raised you will get an automatic response with a ticket number, and a link to where to check progress and reply or supply any extra information. When your ticket is updated by a member of the Via Wire team you will get a notification advising you of this, with a link to the update. You will need to be logged in to the helpdesk to view the update. Details on how to log in can be found here.  If you have further information to help resolve the problem you can add it as a reply within the helpdesk, this creates a threaded conversation where everything about your issue is in one place.

If you started a query and are likely to unavailable to address it (off work, on holiday, etc) you can request that it be reassigned to someone else by replying on the ticket thread. Where practically possible, the ticket should be raised by the person experiencing the problem, passing messages through a P.A. or office manager does not allow us to efficiently and effectively resolve the problem raised.

Completing the process

When the problem has been fixed you should receive an email stating that the ticket has now been closed.   If you reply to that it will automatically reopen the query. The best thanks you can give is to rate us positively on the follow-up satisfaction survey.